All of these began as purely abstract shapes and on completion some look like stylized letters  or numbers. This is sometimes the way of abstract expression, because, most often I use the inherent shape of the stone to begin my carving not really considering what the outcome will “look like” so after completion it becomes obvious that now I have a representational piece, and so be it.  Some numbers and letters, when transposed to stone  actually look very sculptural. 


Some of my work undergoes transformations because I may not be fully satisfied with the original work, or I see a better shape from that of the original, and at times this transformation turns the piece into a more representational piece.  # 24 , # 120,  # 121 and # 140 are such examples, especially # 24, which underwent 3 transformations to the point  where, even though I named it BIG PINK, it looks like a backwards “h “.