PRESENTING THE NATURAL BEAUTY – The main elements of these sculptures are objects that I found, and one was given to me, and wanted to just show off the beauty and natural sculptural or interesting shapes, by merely adding to their proximity, or enhancing their … Continue readingAS I FOUND THEM


  All of these began as purely abstract shapes and on completion some look like stylized letters  or numbers. This is sometimes the way of abstract expression, because, most often I use the inherent shape of the stone to begin my carving not really considering what the … Continue readingNUMBERS AND LETTERS


These were all made using leftovers and castoffs from a Timber frame company  and a home construction site, using some of the joinery skills I picked up while working in the home/cottage industry in Muskoka.

Spirit Keepers

Many years ago I noticed a really amazing old tree growing close to the town I live in. It to me, represented the incredible struggles that living things, including human beings, can go through, survive all kinds of traumas bounce back from near death, and keep living and … Continue readingSpirit Keepers